Monday, November 12, 2012

Walking Dead Review: Say the word

governer's daughter
Well this episode was a little slower than the last one but that's to be expected since everyone is coping with the events from last weeks shenanigans. Finally we are starting to see the weird side the Governor. How about that awkward moment when he was brushing his zombie daughters hair and a patch rips out of her scalp and that tender moment when he kisses her on the head after he puts a bag over it. This guy is highly unstable.

Speaking of unstable, Rick seems a little off his rocker. He pretty much spent the entire episode all alone on some personal mission to kill every zombie he can find. I can't say I blame him considering he just lost his wife and all but lets face it, they didn't really care much for each other anyway.
With the arrival of the new baby, Daryl steps up his game and decides to go out for some baby supplies with Maggie. The find what looks like an abandoned day care where they find a stash of diapers, formula, and other goodies.

Meanwhile back at Woodburry it's all sunshine and rainbows. Everything looks almost too good to be true. They've got food cooking and ice cold lemonade. Andrea is eating this all up like one big sucker. Personally I think she is just blinded by the Governor. Michonne on the other hand is not so convinced. She goes snooping around and finds a bunch of walkers caged up which she quickly dispatches. I have to say, I think that was the first time I saw her smile. Apparently she's had enough because she decides to leave against  Andrea's wishes. She seems completely in love with this place, that is until she attends the Zombie Gladiator night. Everyone else in town loves it but Andrea has her doubts about it's safety and whether or not it teaches people that the walkers aren't dangerous.
One thing that left me a little confused was the graves they were digging. Daryl shows up with one of those Cherokee Roses and lays it down on a grave leading me to believe that it's Carols but we never actually saw what happened to her after last weeks episode when T-Dog sacrificed himself for her to get away. Is she actually dead. Hopefully they will cover this in a little more detail next Sunday.

How about Daryl, this week we got to see a softer side with him holding babies and all.  I'm sure women all over the world are swooning over the kind hearted  bad-ass.  I don't know about you guys but I'm ready to see more arrows going through zombie skulls.  Put the baby down and get back to work...

Lets not forget Rick's random phone call at the end where he gets to say the one word he had this entire episode.  Those of you who read the graphic novel know all about the phone. Poor Rick is definitely starting lose his marbles.


  1. Rick has gone crazy.

    1. Agreed, Pretty bad that once you watch this show you feel like you also have been being followed by zombies